Account Features - Monitoring

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Real-Time and Complete It's easy to track and monitor your investments and trading activity with SiebertNet's real-time positions, order status, balances, margin information, buying power and intraday history.

The Big Picture At-a-Glance The Portfolio Summary page displays the bottom line on all your accounts and provides quick links to trade tickets and detailed account information along with a handy real-time market index chart.

Estimate Your Income Stream Project your income by month and for a year for each position and each security type based on historical dividend, coupon and interest payments. View the annual estimated total for all of your accounts.

Customizable Positions Page The comprehensive real-time Positions page displays your choice of columns, including unrealized gains/losses by dollar and percentage, total cost and average cost basis. You may sort the columns or add and delete columns to focus on what you choose to view. Have multiple lots of the same security? You’re just a click away from tax lot details. You can even update the cost of lots you’ve transferred over from another broker.

Own a security that's approaching your sell point? Access a pre-filled trading ticket by clicking on a position and choosing “Trade” or “Sell All” in the drop-down menu. You may also request a detailed quote or chart from here.

You’re Organized for Tax Time A quick click from the Positions page takes you to tax lot details for each security whether you hold it or have sold it.
  • View all Closed Positions and Realized Gains/Losses since you opened the account, at a summary and detail level for the current and past three years. Detail is available for specific tax lots purchased as recently as the prior day.
  • Easy export to Excel or Quicken® for tax or record keeping purposes.
History and Record-Keeping Receive easy-to-read comprehensive monthly and quarterly statements or choose to GO GREEN! with secure e-Notification whenever a new statement is available to view online.
  • Three years of statements, confirmations and tax documents available online.
  • Access up to 24 months of history and display up to 92 days.
  • Choose to receive multiple account statements in one envelope with summary cover sheet.