New Features - Enhanced eDelivery

As part of our ongoing commitment to enhance your online experience, we are pleased to announce that several useful and convenient features have recently been introduced to our SiebertNet web site.

media We are pleased to announce that eDelivery of account documents has been enhanced through the addition of Tax Documents and a new eDelivery enrollment page on our secure SiebertNet site provided to us by National Financial Services LLC (NFS), our carrying broker.

Now, in addition to receiving email notifications of the availability of your Trade Confirms, Monthly Account Statements and Shareholder reports, you can also choose to receive eDelivery of Tax Forms & Related Disclosures for your eligible accounts with Siebert. And, the new Document Delivery Instructions page also simplifies your enrollment in and management of eDelivery by listing in one place all enrollment fields and documents for each account linked to your User ID. You can also add or change email addresses for any of your linked accounts directly through the new instruction page.

To enroll in or manage your eDelivery service, first log on to SiebertNet. Next, access the new Document Delivery Instructions page from the top menu bar under the "Service" tab, as illustrated in the below image.


The new Document Delivery Instructions page provides you with a complete view of all your linked accounts and enables you to manage your eDelivery preferences for all accounts in one place, as shown in the below example.


Upon selecting an account number, you can see any existing email address already on file. If you do not already have an email address on file, you can add one for any of your accounts simply by selecting the link to "Add E-Mail".

You can also choose to "Set all documents to electronic delivery" or choose the specific documents for which you would like either eDelivery or delivery through the U.S. Mail.

If you would like to change the email address used for eDelivery, you can do so directly from the new instructions page by simply selecting the "Edit E-mail" link for the applicable account number, as shown in the below example.


Important: Please be sure to save any changes you would like to make for each account before leaving the Document Delivery Instructions page. When editing email addresses, please also be sure to select "Apply" before closing the window. Additionally, please note that each time you make a change to your eDelivery instructions, you will be presented with an "Electronic Notification Agreement" to which you will need to confirm your agreement where indicated in order to effect your requested changes. Once enrolled in eDelivery, online delivery will begin within 24 hours. You may also receive paper documents already printed, depending on the time of enrollment. Any changes to your eDelivery preferences may take a full monthly account statement cycle to be implemented.

We are pleased to make these additional enhancements to the eDelivery service available to you. With eDelivery you can take advantage of convenient and timely email notification when eligible documents become available, gain instant access to your documents, enhance your security and identity theft protection, and also simplify your record keeping.

If you have any questions about the enhanced eDelivery service, or if you require assistance with any other aspect of our website, please call Technical Support at 800-872-0444, option #4, 8:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. ET, Monday - Friday, or email us at email us.