New Features - Statement Enhancements

As part of our ongoing commitment to enhance your online experience, we are pleased to announce that several useful and convenient features will be introduced to our SiebertNet trading web site.

Great News!  We are pleased to confirm that effective January, 2017, our carrying broker, National Financial Services, LLC, ("NFS"), will implement new enhancements to your customer account statements.  
Enhancements include:
  • The creation of a new "Activity" subsection for Return of Principal, certain Corporate Action events and transactions Summary with zero dollar amount.
  • Changes to the "Account Overview" section, and
  • Updates to the "Customer Service" language on statement backer.
New Statement Activity Sub-Section - "Miscellaneous & Corporate Actions" 
1) Transactions with zero dollar amount and certain corporate actions (Mergers, Cash in lieu) 
  • Description field to include the statement calculated "Transaction Value", when available.
  • Disclosure to define transaction types reflected in this section.
2) Return of Principal transactions will move from the income section to the new "Miscellaneous" and "Corporate Actions" subsection.

3) Account Overview 
  • Re-label "Change in Investment Value to "Change in Value"
  • Removal of "Securities Transfers" line item.
  • Transactions within the "Miscellaneous & Corporate Actions" subsection will be reflected in the "Change in Value" line item.
4) Miscellaneous Footnotes
  •  Enhanced "Change in Value" definition under Miscellaneous Footnotes.
5) Customer Service language in the backer updated.
"Screenshots are for illustrative purposes only." 
We thank you for allowing us to serve your investment needs and we remain committed to providing you with the best in investment products and personal service.

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