Investment Choices - Stocks

We're accommodating. Invest in stocks, ETFs, mutual funds, options and fixed-income securities through a variety of regular and retirement account types and your choice of trading venues.

Trade listed and over-the-counter stocks through your choice of venues – online, broker-assisted, mobile, touchtone/interactive voice response – as soon as your account is approved for trading.

With the extensive selection of independent, third-party research, real-time news and multiple analytic tools we offer, you have an abundance of support to help you make informed investment decisions.1

IPOs Muriel Siebert & Co, Inc. has nderwriting capabilities and, from time to time, participates in the distribution of new issue equities to the public. You must have a Registration Form 5130 on file with us to indicate interest in IPOs and secondary market equity issues.2

International Securities You may buy or sell international securities in 45 countries on a broker-assisted basis and maintain the securities in the local currency in your Siebert account. For more information, please contact Peter Sosnowski, SVP - Retail Operations, at 201-499-0316 or Kyle Bender, Manager, Trading at 800-872-7865 during regular business hours.