Stocks - Automated Analysis and Screeners

Here is the support you need to make informed investment decisions with one of the most extensive selections of free independent research, analytic tools, and automated stock selection systems you'll find at any discount brokerage.

Whether you are an experienced investor who likes to double check your decisions or you’re just learning the ropes and want to follow a model portfolio or one of the three automated analysis systems, you will find what you need from among the resources on SiebertNet.

Explore your choice of research from leading sources of fundamental and technical analyses including three automated stock selection systems and three stock screeners. Search Company Reports and Automated Analysis by symbol, access Daily Reports containing commentary, analysis and recommendations on specific companies and sectors.

At Siebert, we understand that investing is about choices and we respect your need to make informed decisions. That's why we provide you with a selection of analysis and screeners from a variety of providers

Validea Screen for ideas or request stock analysis and ideas based on the strategies of legendary investors including Peter Lynch, Benjamin Graham, Martin Zweig, Kenneth Fisher and more.

VectorVest Request combined fundamental, technical and timing reports with detailed evaluations.

Custom Stock Screener Choose from among 27 screener criteria to find stocks of interest to you.

Gainskeeper® Access a discounted subscription to tax-smart decision and analysis tools, automated Schedule D and other resources to help investors make better- informed decisions.